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Bloomingdale's Puts Its Decor Up for Internet Criticism

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It's time once again for Bloomingdales' Big Window Challenge, where the windows of the 59th St. flagship are designed into fantasy rooms by decorators from Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy, and Bloomingdale's. They all created rooms with items from Bloomingdale's furniture and home decor department, and the results are then put up for a vote on the Internet.

First up Elle Decor's Eddie Ross made a vignette called "The Modern Woman" for a fictional client who is a media mogul and a mother of two. While we were taking photos of these windows no fewer than 4 young women squealed, "OMG, chairs!" as they walked past. (They seemed enamored of the hot pink and gold chairs.)

Next up was Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy, who named his room "The Writer's Romantic Supper." He piled stacks of books on the floor and painted trompe l'oeil bookcases on the walls. We kind of want to meet the writer who paints bookshelves on his walls, stacks all the books on the floor, and wears a red velvet smoking jacket.

The final entry is from Bloomingdale's operating vice president of interior design, Eileen Joyce. It is designed for "a sophisticated travel magazine editor," which makes sense because it looks like it was designed for a hotel suite.

If you have a favorite, you can vote every day at the contest website. Votes cast here don't count, but we want to know your favorite anyways.
· Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge [Apartment Therapy]


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