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Opening Ceremony, Pegleg NYC Put Men in Flowered Sweats

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Images via Opening Ceremony

Streetwear brand Pegleg NYC and Opening Ceremony teamed up for a sequel to their neon collaboration last summer, and the results have taught us our lesson: No matter how boring awards show dresses may be, never again ask the universe for a "don't," because someone might give you $345 flower-patterned sweatsuits for men. (The teal one is $370, because it's embroidered.)

When we see clothes for the first time, our first thought is usually "What would I think if I saw someone wearing that?" Today, that answer was, "Oh my God, someone actually bought that." We've been stressing about it all morning, and we're pretty sure we can't think of a single way to wear these garments unironically. But we've been wrong before, so please let us know if you can think of something to do with these.

We love the photos, though, and those guys with the bows and arrows are the brand's designers, Harry McNally, Nick Poe, and Bobby Waltzer, so if you see them around you'll know who to blame for this. The sweatsuits are available at Opening Ceremony and online. Would/will you wear them?
· Introducing Pegleg NYC for Opening Ceremony [Opening Ceremony]

Opening Ceremony

35 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 219-2688 Visit Website

Opening Ceremony

35 Howard St., New York, NY