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Nordstrom Wants to Set Up a Rack in Midtown

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Manhattan's first Nordstrom Rack hasn't even opened yet, but the company is already sniffing out a second location. Today's Post brings word that Nordstrom might want to rent 521 Fifth Ave at 43rd Street, which use to house Circuit City. The company, which is also considering several other midtown locations, cautions that it's "not even close" to signing a lease. But the Post's panel of experts point out that opening in ye olde Circuit City might make good sense, since it's near Zara and H&M and other mid-priced midtown chains. One thing's for sure, though: The more Nordstrom thinks about putting Racks in Manhattan, the less likely it seems that we'll get a full-price Nordstrom anytime soon.
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521 Fifth Ave, New York, NY