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United Bamboo Sale Is Catnip for Both Sexes

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The United Bamboo sample sale opened to the public at 10am today, but we got a sneak peek on Friday at the friends and family preview. The sample sale offers up to 85% off clothing and footwear for women and men, plus a limited supply of the (in)famous cat calendar for $10 each. The small sale quickly filled up with friends and family—such close friends in fact, that at one point we found ourselves too overwhelmed with the TMI discussion of a shopper's vacation stomach issues to focus on the racks in front of us.

Most of womenswear is located on the left-hand racks, with samples and overstock mixed in together. Sample tops run between $40 for pintucked slouchy tees in punchy colors to $80 for sheer architectural tops. Sample coats run $100 and up. The folded ribbon sleeveless dress was $110 for the lone sample, but there are also off-the-rack numbers available for $230 in various sizes. There were also some sexy black sequin halter dresses for $80 and a few beautifully beaded (with paillettes, sequins and studs), long-sleeved mini-dresses for $100. The non-sample pieces ran from $77 for the pin-tucked tees, and up for dresses, and $200 to $500+ for outerwear. There were also shoes, both in bins and boxes—samples in size 39 run about $70 and new shoes and booties run $150 and up, all priced as marked.

The menswear is located on the right side of the store and the men were shopping just as hard as the ladies. As for samples, we spotted wool trousers for $25, a brown trench for $80, and inside-out, vintage-feel sweatshirts for $20. Highlights include button-down shirts in various check color combinations from $71 to $90. To prepare for summer, see the skinny seersucker suit jackets ($90) with matching shorts ($67). For the less adventurous, v-neck preppy sweaters with a contrasting skull-and-tennis-racket logo are $56 and polos are $20. Outerwear is worth a look, too, with black and white checked toggle hooded jackets for $150 and brown plaid Carson peacoats pricier at $500. Men's shoe samples run $60 for ankle boots to $138 for lace ups.

All sale items were already out on the floor on Friday, so we can't be sure what will still be available today. Cash, check and credit are accepted; two single restrooms in the back are available as makeshift fitting rooms. Also, our little friend from the calendar may have been hiding in the shadows, so shoppers with cat allergies, beware. By the way, those adorable little outfits on display? Not baby clothes, but the kitty outfits from the photo shoot!
·Dealfeed: United Bamboo [Racked]

United Bamboo

217 Centre St., New York, NY