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First Look: Jean Paul Gaultier x Target Lookbook, Revealed!

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Images via Refinery29

After those blurry camera phone photos of the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collaboration came out last week, we've been eager to get a look at something we could actually see. Luckily, Refinery29 got their hands on a lookbook, so we can now get a view of the whole collection in all its clear, high-res glory.

We're getting a bit of culture shock just looking at the collection, which careens wildly between too-pretty-prim and overtly hard-edged with a series of blooming garden-party dresses, cleavage-baring gingham Daisy Mae blouses with puffed sleeves, and retro Sailor Jerry-esque nautical iconography. With the right hairdo, this collection could take you to every rockabilly concert or vintage car show on the coast.

Some of the elements are a bit dated, like the tattoo-print tops and leggings, but we're OK with that, because it was Gaultier who set that date. He knows his place in fashion history, and those tattoo shirts were a defining element of his style throughout the 90's. He's sent them down his runways with motifs covering everything from tribal tattoos to retro tattoos and even vintage advertisements. For the Target versions, he turned to Japanese irezumi-style tattoos, the blue-background full arm and leg sleeves.

That trench coat turns out to be $59.99, and the rest of the collection runs from $17.99 for swimsuit separates to $199 for the leather jackets. The line drops on March 7. Do you plan on queuing up for any of this one?
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