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DKNY's Twitter Is Honest, Hilarious, and Constantly Stressed Out

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Are you following DKNY's Twitter? Because if you're not, you probably should be. Some labels keep their Tweets purely professional, and some (especially smaller ones like Henry Holland or Chris Benz) write in the voice of the designer, but @dkny is the only brand Twitter we know written from the point of view of a harried PR girl who works for the company.

Today, she's panicking about getting a dress to Vogue. Yesterday, she announced in the middle of a Golden Globes liveblog that she wished she was a hair in Jon Hamm's beard. And all day Friday and Saturday, she gave us an ongoing window into the high-stress process of getting DKNY dresses onto celebs for the big show. (A sample: "I am sure I will have a heart attack today if not just burst into tears. No confirmations & yet no one is set. Trying to move dresses around.") Urban zen it's not, but it is continually fascinating.
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