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Alexa Chung and Madewell's Mutual Appreciation Society

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If you love Alexa Chung but don't love the idea of spending over $1000 on her namesake Mulberry bag, then you'll be happy to know there will soon be another, cheaper way to borrow some of her style. The former MTV host and pixie-ish fashion icon is planning to pair up with Madewell on a collaboration to launch next fall. The story behind the pairing is both down-to-earth and weirdly glamorous, much like Chung herself. Writes Vogue:

Chung had known about Madewell from her friend Jim, an American ex-roommate from her London days, who also just happened to be working for the brand. He called her up one day to tell her that her image was all over Madewell's inspiration boards.
Chung started wearing Madewell in return, and soon the company had called her into their offices to hatch a scheme.

Chung wanted to call the label Better than a Poke in the Eye (which Vogue helpfully explains is "a Britishism for 'better than nothing'") but Madewell convinced her to use the less violent name Alexa Chung for Madewell. It should include high-waisted denim, dungaree dresses, girlish velvet dresses, and "a coat based on a vintage children's one she found that originally came from Harrods." Sounds edgy! Actually, it seems wise that Chung wants to "bring cute back," as she puts it—by next fall, we might all be sick of the androgynous biker look anyway.
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