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Pinky, Mojo and Daisy, The Westies of TG170

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This is Store Sidekicks, an end-of-the-week feature where we profile the fuzzy wuzzy creatures that inhabit shops across the city. If you'd like to nominate your favorite store animal, drop us a line at

We were pretty much overwhelmed with cuteness when we entered TG170 and found not one, not two, but three of the most charming Westies on the entire Lower East Side. Pinky, Mojo and Daisy—friends, not siblings—are in the shop on a near-daily basis with store owner Terri Gillis. At the big, yet cozy, boutique, the three white terriers have plenty of room to wander and nap wherever when the urge sets in. While we were there, Pinky slept under the $99 sales rack, across the way from a very tempting and very full $49 sales rack. Mojo wandered around the room, and Daisy was serene, awaiting a full wash and cut later in the day.

Most of the winter stock is heavily discounted, and spring stock should be on its way soon, giving you two good reasons to visit TG170 on top of the other fuzzy three. For spring, Terri told us she is excited to have brought back Mara Hoffman's exquisitely designed bathing suits—we saw a couple two-pieces that were to die for. She is still awaiting heavily geometric and colorful pieces from the São Paulo sister designers Uvaia, feminine and carefully cut staple pieces from German brand Pepper + Pistol, and eighties-inspired black and white Aztec print dresses from Sass & Bide.—Joann Pan
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170 Ludlow Street, New York, NY