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First Look: Zac Posen's Collection for Target, Revealed!

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Images via Fashionista

Fast fashion is kind of like the mafia: Every time we think we're getting out, they pull us back in. This time it's the Zac Posen for Target designer collaboration that's luring us to the store, credit card in hand. Going through these images from the lookbook, we were duly impressed by the offerings. There are mostly dresses and skirts, with a couple swimsuits and even a chic, slim-cut black suit. The collection looks like Zac Posen, but less complicated and with a touch of the 80's. Of course we can't tell fabric quality from the photos, but the construction looks good, and that suit is only $90. Also there are ruffles.

It all goes on sale April 25. Highlights include a sexy, asymmetrical dress decorated with snap tape, and a yellow raincoat that looks like Courrèges and is only $49.99. We just realized we need to own a raincoat. What do you think?
· First Look: Zac Posen for Target Lookbook [Fashionista]