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New 'So Good' Store in Soho is Actually So Bad

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Have you passed the "So Good" store on Broadway near Howard yet? Forget that?have you gone inside? It's like a Bratz doll threw up all over the place.

Despite the "grand opening" banner, it's probably already been open a month and we've just passed over it. Nonetheless, it's still newer than other Soho stores and sadly, it's got the staying power of a Twinkie (read: indestructible). They've carpeted the floor in zebra print and hidden every inch of plain wall with bunched up, hot pink velvet. It may be a assault on the senses, but for school groups who take their 8th grade or high school trips to New York City, it's catnip.

On the plus side, aka the only positive things we can think of regarding this place, is that "all scarf" are 50% off right now and they also do wholesale, in case you're looking for bachelorette party favors for a cast of 400.

Do let us know if you actually find something worthwhile there that would justify its great location, but for now, we're filing it under the "Made in China junk store" category.
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So Good

448 Broadway, New York, NY