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+J's Spring Denim and Jackets Make Us Wish It Was April

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After a frigid hour wait, we're inside warm, wonderful Uniqlo to check out the debut of +J's spring collection. In line, staffers gave us all lookbooks that said certain items were "available from March." Is there any chance that means something other than what it sounds like it means? Or do we have to keep waiting? Racked correspondent Fawnia Soo Hoo continues her search for answers in the liveblog below.

8:10am The clothes are in that far-right section where the first floor dressing rooms are. Staffers are handing out shopping bags.

8:12am: Lots of pastels, along with basic colors. Staffers are helpful and plentiful.

8:13am: Trenches: $129.50. And I love the purple jacket for $149.50.

8:14am: There are a bunch of dark denim items with a brighter blue edging. There's a trench for $129.50, a blazer for $79.50, and a pencil skirt for $39.50. And super-slim dark jeans for $49.50. Like I need another pair of Uniqlo jeans. But I want them...

8:15am: There's workout gear, too: Light puffies, zip-up sweatshirts, and track pants for $29.50.

8:20am: Let's talk menswear. Men's cashmere crewnecks in black, fuchsia, and sea blue are $39.50. Cotton sweaters for men are $29.50 and come in more basic colors: Khaki, taupe, black. I'm also seeing these cotton-cashmere sweaters with squares of contrasting textures in black and khaki for $39.50. They come as v-neck and cardies.

8:23am: There is a huge line for the dressing room already. People seem to have on average ten items each to try on. Meanwhile, staffers are frantically restocking the racks.

8:30am: On to the goods for women! Cotton-cashmere cardies and v-necks are $49.50. Can't decide between the light mint green or the cream. They also come in black and lavender. 100% cashmere cardigans are $99.50, or $69.50 for a tank. Men make out better with the sweaters.

8:33am: Looks like most women are grabbing the dark denim blazer. Staffers are running to bring out more sizes.

8:40am: The woman from the van is definitely a boss lady from Japan HQ. She's giving orders and modeling the denim blazer.

8:46am: Just checked with my Uniqlo line friends, and they also love the denim blazer and the very popular light gray trench.

8:48am: OK, so the items in the look book (which were also the ones in the ads) will not be released until March. Exact date TBA. Next week, they will roll out some skirts and separates that go with the blazers and jackets on the floor today.

8:56am: There's a line in the store waiting to get into the +J section. They're counting guests in and out.

9:03am: Just checked outside, and there's no line on Broadway anymore. Inside, though, there are probably 50 people waiting for entrance to the +J section. At least they're warm, and there's a bathroom downstairs!

Uniqlo - Soho

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546 Broadway, New York, NY