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The Times titled its profile on the industry's reigning plus-size model "The Triumph of the Size 12's," but it probably would have been more accurate to just call it "The Triumph of Crystal Renn." Renn was described by her agency as being "far and away" the most successful model in its plus-size division, and she's been photographed for Glamour, Italian Vanity Fair, V, and seemingly everywhere else that's recently gotten the idea to mix things up a bit by featuring the plus-size model. Reporter Eric Wilson says magazines sometimes even turn their old digital-manipulation tricks on her, photoshopping her to look bigger than she actually is. For her part, Renn looks gorgeous and sounds like the smartest person in the room, saying, "When designers and editors choose one fat girl to salivate over, and revel in her avoirdupois, I'm not sure how much it advances the cause of using girls of all sizes in a magazine." [NYT]