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In the Window: Bloomingdale's Puts Jeggings on Children

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Bloomingdale's really has it out for us lately. Last month they ruined Christmas with, among other things, a Santa Claus that looked like he wanted to eat the children. Now they do the children one worse by dressing them in jeggings. Yes, jeggings. The acid-washed faux-denim stretch pants famous for having elastic waistbands, no flies, and the magical ability to simultaneously generate both muffin-top and camel-toe.

The Bloomies windows say jeggings are "the new essential" and that they can be mixed and matched with anything for an endless series of looks. Then they attempt to prove that statement by pairing jeggings exclusively with horizontal-striped boat shirts.

Another set of windows promotes Norah Ephron's fashiony new play, "Love, Loss and What I Wore." If the pink display is anything to go by, Ephron at least never wore jeggings, so that's a vote in her favor.

The corner window manages to make us friends with Bloomingdale's again, because they decided to use it to promote Mentoring USA and National Mentoring Month with a display of letters written to soldiers overseas by children being mentored through the charity. It's very sweet and endearing, possibly doubly so because the child mannequins are dressed like real children, not slutty hipsters. Today's lesson is simple: Mentored children say no to jeggings, so sign up to mentor some children.
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