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Above the Fray, Chihuahua Edition

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We've seen some bad behavior in lines at sample sales, but nothing quite as harrowing as the frenzy that erupted when the ASPCA tried to hand out 15 abandoned California chihuahuas yesterday. About 150 people showed up, and some of them didn't handle the scarcity very well. From Gawker's report: "Nearby, a construction worker named Joe was less certain. 'This is a fucking joke,' Joe said. 'In the paper they said there were hundreds of chihuahua. Now they tell us there are only 15?' His girlfriend said, 'You need to stop talking, Joe.' Joe stared straight ahead. 'This whole freaking thing is bullshit,' Joe said. 'I took time off work. We should bum rush the doors.'" [Gawker]

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