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Diesel's "Be Stupid" Campaign: A Point-Counterpoint

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Diesel is concerned that you're not stupid enough, so they've launched an ad campaign to help. Their new ads star models doing dumb things, like the couple above—sure, riding a bike barelegged and backwards seems fun now, but what about when you fall off, young lady? You could wind up with quite a knee scrape!

Whether you find this charming or distressing seems to reveal a lot about your personality, and two of our favorite local bloggers took the Diesel Rorschach test just this morning. One loves the campaign, one thinks it's terrible. Let's listen to their arguments, shall we?

textbook: "i get it, stupid decisions can sometimes be the best decisions you ever make and lead to great things. however, if this is their answer to ‘go forth’ i can only say that they have failed with flying colors. there is no real connection between viewer and brand and you feel stupid for even looking at them. as far as i’m concerned the only association is that the brand is stupid. why would i want to be stupid? why would i want to buy a company that believes in stupidity? not to mention, their product just ain’t that great."

Cheap JAP: "Diesel’s using ‘Smart’ as a metaphor for what’s expected, certain, rational. Smart might be safe, but we live in a world that’s increasingly not...Diesel's latest ad campaign isn’t telling us to dumb ourselves down. It’s telling us to live in the now. It’s telling me not to go to law school and be a lawyer and save my money so I can eventually do what I really want to do, which is be a writer; it’s telling me to write now, even if it puts me on the poverty line."

Readers, what do you think? Are you on Team Stupid or Team Too Smart? Let us know in the comments.

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