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Yellow Rat Bastard's Days Are Numbered; Park Slope May Be Insufficiently Fabulous

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SOHO—Real estate group Aurora Capital Associates just acquired the lease on 483 Broadway, which means the clock is ticking on Yellow Rat Bastard. From the release: "Future plans foresee combining the 40,000 square feet to create a major flagship retail space with more than 45 feet of Broadway frontage on the ground floor, 50 feet of frontage on the second floor, dramatic ceiling heights, and an additional entryway on Mercer Street." [Racked Inbox]

PARK SLOPE—Lady moves to Park Slope from Santa Monica, breaks out her fur coat at the first sign of frost, gets weird looks from the neighbors. Now she's on FIPS complaining that Park Slope has lost its fabulous. Relevant quote: "To be honest, I was happy that they were taking notice that there is something else out there than long black The North Face down coats and mittens made in Nepal. I don't understand, you are missing out on all the fun it is to be Fabulous! I miss seeing other people all dolled up, contemplating what the new 'it' bag is, and seeing the most incredible new Loubitons [sic] on the girl across the street." Seriously, Park Slope, where are your Loubs? Fabulous people want to know. [FIPS]

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