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Critical Shopping

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Who gives a vegetarian a real tiger skin rug? Someone rich and crazy, probably, which sounds about right for the clients of Lily et Cie in Beverly Hills, which is famous for providing vintage couture to A-list actresses like Penelope Cruz, and for, as Cintra Wilson describes it, "the worst customer service this side of France." It's as though Givenchy costumed an episode of Hoarders. Owner, sorry, "curator" Rita Watnick guards her 500,000 pieces of vintage from people who haven't been nominated for Oscars with an attitude that "may turn you into a pillar of salt." She cows even Wilson, who shops at places like this for a living and suspects that Watnick will die with her collection unsold and intact. And that she'll probably leave it all to the Lhasa apso. [NYT]