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Breaking: Yohji Yamamoto's Two NYC Stores Abruptly Close

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Yesterday evening, just before sunset, we chanced to walk by the Yohji Yamamoto store on Grand Street in Soho, where we perhaps witnessed a piece of Yamamoto's own sunset. Employees of the store were leaving the location, which had its windows completely papered over and a solitary note on the door, simply saying "CLOSED." A reader then reported that his Gansevoort store was similarly locked up. Is Yamamoto silently saying Sayonara to his stores?

We wouldn't be surprised if he was, since his US press office closed last year, he filed for bankruptcy protection in October, and his company is currently restructuring. But do the New York boutiques really have to go?! They were among our favorite places to peer into longingly...which might be a problem right there if no one steps in to actually buy.

Fans of Y-3, Yohji's line for Adidas, need not worry as those stores are going strong for now, owing to the fact that the brand's parent is Adidas and not Yohji's eponymous company.

If you have any more information on the developments at Yohji Yamamoto, do please let us know. In the meantime, we are donning our Yohji-ish black cloak of mourning. Who wants to start the "#SaveYohji" Twitter trending topic first?
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103 Grand Street, New York, NY