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United Bamboo Cat Calendar Sale; Maiden Lane Wine Loses Owner

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You have no idea how happy it makes us to run this picture again
You have no idea how happy it makes us to run this picture again

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LITTLE ITALY—United Bamboo's fall sample sale starts next Monday, January 18th, and runs through Tuesday. They're offering up to 85% off retail prices on their clothes, and we will most definitely be investigating the bargains, but we thought you should know in advance that the infamous 2010 Kitty Calendars will indeed be available. Even better, they're only $25 each, and better than that, 20% of the proceeds from all calendar sales will benefit nonprofit cat shelter Kitty Kind. The sale runs 10am to 8pm at 217 Centre Street between Grand and Howard. [Racked Inbox]

FIDI—Sad news for lower Manhattan: Peter Muscat, the owner of Maiden Lane Wine & Liquors, died unexpectedly of a heart attack on Monday. Muscat, who was 65, had worked in the shop for 40 years; he purchased it 12 years ago. His wife plans to keep the store open. [Broadsheet]

217 Centre Street, New York, NY