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Botkier Finally Makes a Modest Home On Mott

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Purse sample sale devotees will know Monica Botkier, the accessories designer whose leather handbags and shoes are snatched up like hotcakes during the label's occasional blowouts in the city. Botkier never had her own store however...up until now.

This week marked the debut of Botkier at 246 Mott Street, between Prince and Houston. It's a small space, with little decoration aside from small crystal chandelier-like mobiles, but that's perfectly alright since Botkier fans will make bee-lines for the goodies anyway. We stopped in today and learned the correct pronunciation for the brand: "bot-key-yer."

Botkier announced the store opening on Facebook, and?until February 1?If you become their friend and mention a password from the fan page in the store, you get 25% off a full-priced purchase.
· Botkier Nolita [Facebook]

246 Mott Street, New York, NY