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Who Broke the Window at Americal Apparel?

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It's been just over a year since American Apparel reached the level of having twenty stores open in Manhattan. The one on Broadway and Howard, in a beautifully restored cast iron building, has the honor of being the 20th, but apparently not everyone appreciates the location.

While strolling in Soho under the bright sun today, we spotted that the store has had an entire front window knocked out, now boarded up with plywood but still with fresh small shards on the interior. Does anyone know who's to blame?

Was a passerby pissed over the porny pictures in the window? Did the sleeping bum on the street there (who had a mini radio) try to find a warmer place to sleep at night? And how about those pricey Rootstein mannequins, huh? Regardless, it seems we might have a hipster hamburglar in the neighborhood.
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American Apparel

429 Broadway, New York, NY