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Elite Gilt Users Get Extra Access Through Gilt Noir

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Hold the phone: Gilt Groupe has launched a super-special, hyper-exclusive club for its top .01 percent of users. Called Gilt Noir, the group lets its high-toned members preview all sales (all of them!) 15 minutes before us regular slobs. It also offers perks like "wine tastings at Christie's, cooking classes with Waverly Inn chef John DeLucie and training sessions with the U.S. ski team in New Zealand," according to W's Editor's Blog. So how do you join? Well, it helps to be Gwyneth Paltrow or the vice president of Google (both of whom were early users), but it's actually very meritocratic: All you have to do is spend $10,000 through Gilt over the course of a year.
· Gilt Noir: Gilt Groupe for the Elites [Editor's Blog]