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International Man of Mystery Nygård Battles the Press

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Shadowy Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygård has finally met his ultimate nemesis: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. You might know Nygård from the giant posters of his face all over Times Square, or from the fairly recent opening of his flagship store on Broadway and 40th Street. The store launched in November with festivities including a runway show. Although the CBC didn't have an invitation, they covered the hoopla anyway. Now, Nygård has filed a complaint against the company, alleging that it had no right to record the show.

CBC correspondent David Common wasn't just there to film the event, according to Nygård: He was caught trying to "fasten an electronic listening device to the podium being used for the event." (Which begs the question: What sort of highly confidential secrets would anyone hope to acquire from an audio recording of a runway show?) The store booted Common after he refused to sign a media agreement limiting his recording rights, but he barged back in, accompanied by a cameraman “whose camera was decorated with a Canadian flag.” This show of national pride didn't save him, though. Nygård's lawsuit asks for the CBC's recordings alongside damages.
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