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Storecasting: Ricky's Goes Where Stores Are Closing

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Like a Twinkie after a nuclear bomb blast, Ricky's stores seem capable of surviving in even the most blighted environments. However, that whole Twinkie thing is a myth whereas the resilience of Ricky's is not.

To see what we mean, just head to the corner of West 17th Street and 8th Avenue, where we recently spent much time thank to the Barneys Warehouse Sale being located nearby. On the very corner, opposite a newish bank, the space used to be Chelsea Custom Kitchens, which exited a few months back. The windows now announce the imminent arrival of a main Ricky's, while across the street, in the space that once housed Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, Ricky's Halloween store stocks its racks. That's two new Ricky's, in the spots of two recently closed shops, right across from each other in Chelsea.

Oh, but it continues: head to Fifth Avenue and East 43rd Street to a storefront which is most famous as the corpse of a short-lived Kira Plastinina. Here you'll find yet more Ricky's "coming soon" signage, but it's just another Halloween store. Considering the clothing that Plastinina sold, things won't be changing much once Ricky's does debut.

There is something to be said for the Ricky's mini-invasion: at least they are occupying the empty retail units around the city, the number of which, a few months back, really depressed us. So let us welcome our new overlords; $2 neon nail polish all around!
· Marc Ecko Cut & Sew To Become a Halloween Ricky's [Racked]


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