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Fashion's Night Out Scavenger Hunt: Win a $250 Barneys Gift Card

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Tomorrow night, hundreds and hundreds of stiletto-wearing fashion fans will be loosed upon the city as 800 stores keep their doors open late for Fashion's Night Out. Of course, there are far too many events for any one person to hit them all, but we know that somewhere out there is a shopper who's just crazy enough, and just dedicated enough, to visit each and every one of the highlights, from Alexander Wang at Barneys to the Vena Cava dunk tank in Williamsburg. We know this person exists, and we would like to reward them. Hence Racked's very own Fashion's Night Out Scavenger Hunt.

Here's how it works: We've compiled a list of 21 people, places, and scenes to photograph over the course of the night. Whoever emails us the most cell-phone/iPhone/Blackberry pictures of items on the list wins fame, respect, and a $250 gift card courtesy the good people at Barneys. We'll also have fabulous prizes for second and third place, including the Sartorialist's book and the very board game ALT is playing live at Bergdorfs. At the end of the night, once you've collected all your photos, email them to, and let the best shopper win!

We're looking for cell phone pictures (doesn't matter how blurry, as long as we can make them out) of the following Fashion's Night Out sights:

1.) A celebrity DJ
2.) A male fashion designer (the more photos of designers you take, the more points you get)
3.) A female fashion designer (ditto)
4.) A Vogue editor (same deal)
4.) A model, famous or unknown, wearing a ridiculous outfit
5.) Heels approximately five inches or higher
6.) An instant photobooth
7.) Revelers guzzling champagne
8.) A shopper carrying three or more shopping bags
9.) A line of people waiting for freebies
10.) A Fashion's Night Out exclusive item, be it clothing or accessory

Bonus round! These are tough, so they are worth two points:
1.) A cocktail mixed by an Olsen twin at Barneys
2.) A Chanel jade manicure
3.) Anna in Queens
4.) Andre Leon Talley's live-action board game at Bergdorf
5.) Alexander Wang's runway lessons
6.) The celebrity dunk tank at Bird and Vena Cava's carnival in Williamsburg
7.) A fashion blogger from another country (e.g. Bryanboy or Susie Bubble)
8.) A pot thrown by Jonathan Adler, also at Barneys
9.) Michael Musto and/or Lynn Yeager
10.) A woman in a romper or a man in tails

Extra special game-ending bonus round: If you submit a video of Oscar de la Renta singing, you will automatically win the gift card, hands down.

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