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Hangover Observations: Fashion Photos Launch Fashion Week

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Last night marked the opening of Liam Alexander: Behind the Curtain—a two week exhibition of documentary-style photography featuring a behind-the-scenes look at Spring '08 and Fall '09 New York Fashion Week at Downtown gallery Envoy Enterprises. A proper kick-off to yet another Fashion Week, the event brought out a gaggle of well-dressed scenesters and sky-high models eager to get the festivities started with their best bags and a whole lot of red, red wine.

The poster-sized pieces offer a glimpse into the rarely seen backstage world of Fashion Week—a place where half made-up models and frantic staff just barely keep that glamorous facade from crumbling. Each shot originates from a specific show—Loden Dager, Rebecca Taylor, Ruffian, Elise Overland, Rag & Bone and others—but rather than representing a specific collection they sort of symbolize an overall theme of edginess and excitement?And impending fabulousness.

Revelers were well-heeled and anxious to empty those wine bottles and show off their best pre-Fashion Week outfit (a challenge in September because uneven temperatures can make that girl in the shorts onesie look even more out of place than that other girl who seriously dressed to go quail hunting at an English country manor). Liam was a charmer and posed for photos with everyone who asked—including Project Runway 4 winner Leann Marshall (and ourselves). Despite the jovial atmosphere one nasty but delicious encounter took place: A spaced out wanderer asked a gentleman in Balenciaga sunglasses if he was just "a little guy with a big ego." His response: "little guy; big a lot." Hilarious.
· Liam Alexander: Behind the Curtain [Official Site]
· Envoy Enterprises [Official Site]

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