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Offsite: Jillian Lewis's Sports Car Style

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This afternoon, Project Runway alum Jillian Lewis showed her spring collection at the Audi showroom at 250 Park Avenue, just north of Grand Central. The match of Lewis and Audi actually made a ton of sense, and not just because she had her models standing on a rotating platform like so many luxury cars. Her color palette—various grays, some white, some lavender—and the sleek shapes of her blazers and leggings really made the ladies look like they'd been engineered in some terrifyingly efficient German factory. Even the on-trend pointy shoulder, which appeared in a couple of the looks, reminded us of nothing so much as a tail fin. Lewis herself looked like a power vehicle in a sheer, tight, complicated dress; she glided around in a pair of nude heels, chatting smoothly with onlookers like Karen Erickson of jewelry line Erickson Beamon, who also happens to have founded the PR company that ran the event.