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Fashion's Night Out: Minor Backlash Brewing?

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With hype building steadily for Fashion's Night Out on Thursday, it's not a surprise that some contrarian has finally called bullshit on the whole enterprise. Over at Shine, Yahoo's women's site, they've listed twelve things that don't make sense about the event, from the financial ("People who can't afford to shop are not going to spend all their hard-earned cash at luxury boutiques like Gucci, Pucci, or Valentino, which make up the majority of the shops involved") to the logistical ("How is Alexander Wang going to host runway lessons at Barney's uptown and attend the Opening Ceremony block party downtown? Scheduling conflicts already!") Some of their concerns are petty, but others—like the fact that FNO's planners keep calling it a "a five borough celebration" when there is exactly one event taking place in the Bronx—seem pretty legitimate to us. Thoughts?
· 12 things that seem wrong about Fashion's Night Out [Shine]