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Daffy's Apartment Announces Finalists; Voting Open

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Were you one of the 2,867 desperate New Yorkers who trudged into a Daffys store last month to plead, in 30 seconds, your case for their grand prize of a $7,000-a-month apartment in the West Village for only $700? We'll admit it, we did, but you won't find us in their Five Finalists.

Who you will see is the family man, the comedian, and the requisite "girl like Carrie from Sex and The City." We're kinda feeling the silly song of Nolan Myerson, a 59-year-old father from Long Island who, affected by the mortgage crisis and his children boomeranging back home from college, wants to finally have the Manhattan life he and his wife have dreamed of. But will he win? That's up to you.

All of the finalist's bios after the jump.

Nolan Myerson, 59
Raised in Brooklyn, NY, and a current resident of Roslyn, Long Island, Nolan and his wife have two college-aged daughters. For his audition, Nolan, who is a trader, rapped to his own beat recanting that “I got a house in Long Island, but I don’t really own it. The banks got the mortgage and I just got a donut. The kids are out of college now and back to bother me. They are taking over every TV.” The Myersons have always dreamed of living in Manhattan and after 37 years of marriage, Nolan sees the apartment as a great new start to their lives as empty nesters.

Dartanion London, 31
As a professional comedian, Dartanion performs his gig in night clubs and brought along a few friends for his video submission – giant puppets – to showcase how he desires more space. Dartanion was born in Seattle and now lives in a pretty tiny apartment in Washington Heights. He dreams of his own bathroom, throwing swank parties and living in a closer location to downtown’s comedy theaters and clubs. In addition to his comedy gigs, he’s also featured in the new book Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Characters or Less.

Terrell Lane, 28
Terrell’s original song brought him to the top of the list with lyrics about Daffy’s fulfilling his “hopes and dreams where my wife and I can start a family.” He currently works as a court aide and would like to one day become a professional gospel singer. Terrell was raised in Beaufort, South Carolina, and lives in Manhattan with his wife. They are in the midst of searching for a new apartment. It would be incredible for Terrell to be chosen by the public, but he already feels so honored to be chosen by Daffy’s as a finalist.

Kimberly Dawn Neumann, 39
Kimberly is a dating and relationship writer and a Broadway performer, most recently seen in “A Chorus Line.” For her video, she recited a poem describing herself as “a gal just like Carrie from Sex and the City, but with two books to her name and four Broadway shows, she still can’t buy Prada and doesn’t own Manolos.” Crammed in her small studio in Midtown Manhattan, Kimberly would be able to entertain in the luxury apartment and have her family and friends visit from Annapolis, MD. Kimberly also recently lost her health insurance during recovery from her second knee surgery and would greatly benefit from the Daffy’s discount.

Tom Protulipac, 34
Tom currently resides in the Bronx, but grew up in the Village of Sarver, PA, right outside of Pittsburgh. As a Customer Service Representative for The Roundabout Theatre Company, Tom was very theatrical in his audition, but is actually a really shy guy who would thrive socially in Manhattan. He also has a passion for Bikram Yoga, which helped him lose weight – so he is now in need of a whole new wardrobe. Winning the apartment would mean everything to him as he’s lived all around Manhattan, including Jersey City, for the past 10 years, but has yet to actually BE in the heart of the city.

Go Vote Now, and of course let us know in the comments what you think of their odds!
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