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Barneys Warehouse Sale: Final Hours Of The Final Day

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You officially have four hours left to shop the Barneys Warehouse Sale, going on at 225 West 17th Street near 8th Avenue. After over two weeks of selling designer leftovers, the sale will close tonight at 7pm, and probably file away the unwanted Lanvin for when the sale reemerges in February.

We headed to check out the scene just after noon, and waited in a line which appeared long, but actually moved swiftly and we were back amongst the metal racks in only 10 minutes.

Inside, it was the expected chaos, but it seemed like very few were leaving empty-handed; the extra 75% off of women's designer and 60% off men's designer were doing their jobs of reeling in customers left and right. In the mens basement we had a thought: we have never seen so many men shopping so intensely.

In our hefty comment thread on the story featuring the discount list?which, by the way, hasn't changed as you'll see from the picture above?there were questions about available Marni, Dries van Noten and men's suits. Good news for all: there is still plenty of all, although men's suits remain only an extra 30% off and somehow we doubt they will lower yet today, what with all the buying going on.

In women's shoes, the size most decimated is 7, with size 9 showing the most bounty. The YSL cage heels are still floating around, as are scary-high Louboutins and bucketfuls of Lanvin.

In men's shoes, you can expect that the really nice shoes are gone, unless you're down for beat-up loafers from John Varvatos and some iridescent orange dress shoes from Dior still pushing $220. We dove in to the sneaker selection to round up some Christmas presents, and surfaced with Barneys-edition Alifes for $27 and some very slick leather Creative Recreation high-tops for $37.

Alright, enough talking. Now is the time to hit the sale if you're still in the mood. Except for you out in the Hamptons for the weekend; you're stuck staring at the leftover Dries van Notens in our photo gallery.
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