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Spot Check: Barneys Warehouse Sale, Two Weeks In

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Update: The Barneys Twitter has just announced that women's shoes are an extra 60% off.

So how's the Barneys Warehouse Sale looking after two weeks of crowds shuffling about in only the right shoe, stripping in a corner, and debating the Lanvin for Acne? Two words: picked over.

Sure, there might be enough Lanvin to slake the fashion thirst of an army of Bryanboys, but that doesn't mean it's in any condition to pull in $300. We did, however, snag quite the trophy of sale items...

Currently, thanks to the extra 50% 60% off of women's shoes and 60% off of designer clothing, it is possible to leave with an item under $110 and therefore take advantage of the tax-free days of the sale through September 5.

To illustrate: somewhere between Prada coats and $400 Balenciaga dresses straight off the runway, we found?and subsequently purchased?a S/S 2009 black nylon soccer ball dress from Comme des Garcons for $75 (kinda like this one, kinda). We might have to have a breast reduction, but we kind of knew what we were getting into with Japanese avant-garde. One day, if we stick to the Barneys Warehouse Sale racks, we might end up covered in Comme (get your mind out of the gutter).

Speaking of odd clothing, do not?we repeat?do not attempt to try on any involved items in the trying on area; shimmying somewhat into a maze-like Sophia Kokosalaki silk dress amidst the frenzy of an after-work rush hour shopping crowd made both us and those around us frustrated. The "fitting area" needs a clear Dantean sign: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

We heartily apologize to the menfolk looking for news on the basement's goods, but we found yesterday evening to be the busiest we've seen it possibly ever, and therefore we escaped with our Comme before the going got really tough.

Needless to say, we can't wait to see how long Barneys will go with the discounts before the sale ends on Monday.
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