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Storecasting: The Case of the Williamsburg Benetton

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Why is there a Benetton in Hasidic South Williamsburg? We have no idea, but it definitely exists: A tipster sent in the photo above, and a trip to the Benetton website confirms the location. Writes our informant:

This caused me to do a double-take. It wasn't just the notion that a mega retailer was expanding in the midst of the shittiest retail outlook in a long time but that they would do it on Bedford and Flushing in the heart of South Williamsburg (739 Bedford Ave). Maybe it's just what the Satmar Hassidic community has been looking for? Maybe it's the antidote to Benetton's financial woes?
Maybe? We've got a call in to Benetton, and we hope to get to the bottom of this soon.
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