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Barneys Discounts Like You've Never Seen Before

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Looks like we should have waited until today to score that $75 Comme des Garcons dress at the Barneys Warehouse Sale, because women's designer has just reached an additional 75% off the sale price. Today's discounts are the deepest we've seen at the Warehouse Sale in the history of Racked, and we hope they keep on coming.

This is the official word from Barneys HQ, and we hope you have fully digested your lunch and are sitting down for the slew of just-updated discounts...

All discounts listed below are an additional percentage off the sale price. This means if the leather dress pictured above was originally $17,300 and is marked on sale for $4,329, then an additional 75% off (because it's designer red star) makes it cost you $1,086 today. Keep in mind that this is a ridiculously expensive item we randomly snapped for kicks, and that most everything else can be had for $100-$200 now.

· Shoes: 60% off (was 50%)
· Designer clothing: 75% (was 60%)
· Lanvin for Acne: 75% (was 60%)
· Denim: 75% (was 60%)
· Accessories: 75% (was 50%)
· Lingerie/Swim: 75% (was 50%)
· Ready-to-wear: 50% (was 40%)
· Blue Tag imperfects: 75% (was 50%)

· Sneakers: 60% (was 50%)
· All other shoes: 50% (was 40%)
· Neckwear: 50% (was 40%)
· Red Tag Sports Coats: 50% (no change)
· Non-Red Tag Sportscoats: 50% (was 40%)
· Trousers: 25% off (new discount)
· Suits: 30% (was 25%)
· Dress Shirts: 40% (no change)
· Sportswear: 60% (was 50%)
· Outerwear/Coats/Rainwear: 50% (no change)
· Accessories: 75% (was 50%)
· Blue Tag Imperfects: 75% (was 50%)

HOME/BABY: In the Chelsea Passage 75% off (was 50%)

A commenter from our Spot Check post earlier today says the scene was crazy at 12:30 and not to bother trying anything on for the lack of space to do so. Know what this means? Leave your children and pets at home for their own safety. We are very serious about this.
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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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