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Store Sidekicks: Cameo and Dexter at Epaulet

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This is Store Sidekicks, an end-of-the-week feature where we profile the fuzzy wuzzy creatures that inhabit shops across the city. If you'd like to nominate your favorite store animal, drop us a line at

If you are a dog, and you live in a store, there is a not-insignificant chance that you will end up immortalized as a logo some day. Joining John Bartlett's Tiny Tim in the pantheon of puppy mascots is Cameo, the Boston terrier belonging to the owners of Smith Street's Epaulet, whose big-eyed face is emblazoned on Epaulet-label t-shirts for both men and women. This seems to be fine with the store's other dog, a shih tzu named Dexter; at 10, he's too dignified for such youthful shenanigans. Still, Epaulet's owners plan on releasing a series of Dexter shirts soon.

When we visited Cameo and Dexter, they were both sleeping behind the desk at the front of the Carroll Gardens store, which specializes in socially responsible but hip labels (their shoe section, e.g., is stuffed full of both Melissas and Toms.) We're told that Dexter is actually more social, while Cameo's shy unless she's at home. From the look on her face on the tee, though, you'd never know it.
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