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Hangover Observations: How Anthropologie Parties

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Last night, Anthropologie celebrated the upcoming launch of its new reality show, Man Shops Globe, with a party at the Rockefeller Center store. The show stars Keith Johnson, Anthropologie's Buyer at Large, as he travels the world looking for new and exotic items for in-store displays—kind of like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations without any food. ("No food" would later turn out to be the theme of the night.) Given that we would gladly move into an Anthropologie if the option existed, we jumped at the chance to spend an evening socializing in one. How it all shook out:

1.) Obviously, an Anthropologie party takes place to a soundtrack of classy world music of ambiguous origin. (Flamenco bhangra? Something like that?)

2.) We were clearly not the only people living out our secret Anthropologie fantasies—the place was packed. Notable celebrity attendees: Lynn Yaeger and Crazy Suit Man from Fashion Week, wearing head-to-toe snakeskin with a matching hat.

3.) The invitation promised "dishes," which everyone seemed to have interpreted as "dinner" but which turned out to mean "five waiters with small trays of h'ors d'ouevres." Since the crowd had turned up hungry, these waiters were being mobbed.

4.) Wine and Stella Artois, however, were abundant, which seemed sort of like a leap of faith on the part of Anthropologie given that their merchandise was still out on the sales floor. We didn't see many people shopping, despite the open registers, but we also didn't see any spills (believe it or not, the crowd of artisanal doorknob fans didn't get too rowdy.)

5.) As for the show, it was displayed on big screens around the store, but we didn't catch much of it. You can see clips on the Sundance Channel website, or catch it when it debuts on that channel next Wednesday, October 7.

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