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Before the Fray: A Sneak Peek at the Decadestwo Pop-Up Shop

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Legendary LA based consignment boutique Decadestwo has decided to share their awe-inducing designer consignment wares with us, again, with their second pop-up store this year. Located above Kiki de Montparnasse in Soho, the shop is offering 60-70% off retail prices for gently or never been worn high-end designer clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, plus menswear. Your intrepid Racked correspondent was blessed to have an early access sneak peek into the treasure trove of items coming straight from the closets of stylish celebs, like Rachel "bananas" Zoe and Julianne Moore (and anonymous well-dressed ladies who shop so much they don't possibly have enough time to wear everything).

Where to begin?! How about the shoes (aka, the "crack" of the sale), which start at $175 a pair. Rumor had it that truckloads of Loubies, Manolos, Jimmy Choos, Balenciagas and more were coming in and they weren't kidding. We were there on hand for the miraculous unveiling (i.e. opening of the UPS box) of brand spanking new Choos and Louis Vuittons—all to be sold at a very reasonable price of $295 a pair (they retail between $650 and $830 each and we spied python pumps, gold strappies and patent olive stilettos). Most shoes are gently worn items (most complete with the original box), but there are also some new in-the-box items in multiple sizes (think McQueen hidden platform lilac grey pumps for $295, down from $855). OK, we could go on about the shoes (and boots) for an entire day, but let's move on.

There is also no way you can miss the handbag table adorning the back wall of the sale. Think Chanel, Gucci, Balenciaga, Lanvin and more. Some are gently used, but look brand new, like the Bottega Veneta brown woven bag with gold circles for $475, YSL Downtown leopard print bag for $850 (retailing for $1800) or the cream Chloe satchel for $1190. If you're lucky, you can snag a brand new, this season red Valentino suede hobo for $750. Also drool inducing are the coveted Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags and shoes artfully arranged by table in the middle of the room.

Now, onto the clothes—dresses, jackets, coats and separates, plus some one of a kind items. Sandy Bullock's Lanvin dress from the premiere of All About Steve (don't blame the dress for the movie) is mixed in there, along with a few archival YSL Tom Ford era pieces, like a black long sleeved sample dress for $490. Prices start at $195 for day dresses and go up into the thousands, depending on what the item is. All the players are in attendance—Prada, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana, Hervé Leger, Thakoon, Giambattista Valli, McQueen and, again, we could go on. We spotted a Balenciaga mint green crepe belted dress (brand new and this season) for $399, down from $995, a hot burgundy pleated and gold studded leather mini by Alexander McQueen for $315 and a Dior wool grey suit for $950. There are also multiple Chanel racks with timeless suits, jackets, and dresses.

Men won't missing out either—with clothes, shoes and accessories on hand. The racks included a Dolce & Gabbana black leather motorcycle jacket for $650, an Ungaro tweed suit for $495, a Commes des Garçons plaid zip jacket for $270 and button down shirts from designers like Paul Smith, Band of Outsiders and more start at $100. Shoes from LV, Moschino, Gucci and more are in the $170 range.

Word is that they basically brought enough stock to fill up two stores and they'll be replenishing daily. If you think about it, buying consignment is good for the environment, right? So do your part for the world (and your closet) and visit the Decadestwo pop—up opening to the public on Friday.
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