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Launches & Releases: Former Lead Singer of Judas Priest Discusses New Line, Rocker Chic

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During Fashion Week, we kept seeing a group of three or four shaggy-haired kids hitting the rocker chic trend with a vengeance: Leather jackets, studs, skinny jeans, motorcycle boots, more studs. "Who do they think they are," we kept asking ourselves, "Judas Priest?" Little did we know that a few weeks later, we'd be looking at a clothing line designed by the actual lead singer of Judas Priest, Rob Halford, a guy who was doing skull iconography roughly twenty-five years before Alexander McQueen.

Halford debuted his line, Metal God, today at the Cooper Square Hotel. Of course, he doesn't exactly have fashion-world credibility (although he is openly gay!) but we couldn't pass up the chance to ask him about the newly-trendy look that he helped invent decades ago. "Every since I was little," he told us, "I've been interested in dressing up, in how people look at how it makes them feel." He's not particularly in tune with the realm of womenswear—the fact that he's launching metal-inspired t-shirts right now is mostly a coincidence—but he says he's glad women's fashion is embracing dark themes. "It used to be a male-dominated domain, but why shouldn't they be associated with that imagery?"

As for his own line, Metal God, it currently consists of printed t-shirts with a sort of Affliction-esque vibe: Lots of skulls and graphics on top of graphics and angry-looking axe-wielding Thors. The shirts come in men's and women's styles and run $60 to $100 on his website, though they'll be in stores this spring. If they sell well, he'll consider expanding into other items—he's bankrolling the whole mission, so it's sort of up to him.
· Metal God Apparel [Official Site]