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Above the Fray: Beyond The Mini-Bar At W Hotels' Sale

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Where can you snag a Hayden-Harnett messenger bag for $75 (down from $188) and a Jonathan Adler bud vase for only $5? It's not where you'd expect, but it is an easily accessible sale for a midtown lunch break.

W Hotels sell more than just vodka and roasted peanuts in their hotel room mini-bars; each hotel also offers a complete selection of edited goods you can either buy in a hotel's mini-store or online. Products range from La Rok dresses to their own W-brand sheet sets, and that's exactly what you'll find on offer at the W Hotels' store's sample sale at 265 West 37th Street, 7th floor.

We fell pretty hard for the aforementioned $5 Adler vases, seeing as how they're no-brainer gifts at that price. The J Brand jeans pictures however, are limited in stock and sizes. Other pickings include eclectic jewelry offerings?everything from necklaces to little charm rings?clutches, and Frye sandals.

For the men, there are a few James Perse plain black tees hanging up and asking only $16, but we gravitated more towards the Original Penguin jacket, especially since there's a whole rack of several colors of super-soft plain tees from the W brand.

Best bets: coffeetable books, Adler bud vases, random jewelry, W sheet sets and pillowcases not topping $50, and baby Havaianas.
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