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Pop-Up Shops: Terra Plana's Eco-Friendly Soho Shoes

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Nestled between Spring and Prince Streets on Thompson, the Terra Plana pop-up shop offers discounted eco-friendly shoes for the full month of September. Behinds its grassy window display, the shop is simple—just white walls and sleek shelves holding an array of wooden-heeled pumps, comfy yet stylish sneakers, and tall leather boots. Prices range from $50 to $200 for both men and women's shoes, though most of the ones we saw fell between $75 and $120. The shoes on the less expensive side of the spectrum are plain leather pumps and simple sneakers, while the pricier ones include tall boots and elaborately embroidered pumps and booties. The shoes are constructed from recycled materials, so they stomp lightly on the earth, and when you buy one pair, you get another pair 50% off, so they're gentle on your wallet as well.—Lauren Frankfort
· Terra Plana [Official Site]