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Shitshows: Streetwear Brands Collide in Soho

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What's happening on Lafayette Street between Houston and Prince right now can only be described as a streetwear perfect storm. A Bathing Ape's pop-up sale store opened at noon; meanwhile, a few doors down, Supreme is in the midst of launching its fall/winter collection. The result: Two lines. And utter chaos.

When the Bape pop-up shop opened at noon, it was full of samples for men and women at 70% off, but at this point, all that's left (according to the door guy) are shoes and half-off overstock. This hasn't deterred shoppers: At the moment, we're hearing that there's a 90 minute wait. "They look like they're letting people in one at a time," reports our correspondent. Also: "Some hilarious incredulous woman who spent the last 30 days on a silent retreat in the woods was just asking what on earth was going on."

We know how she feels—massive lines outside stores aren't exactly rare, but a double line is like the solar eclipse of shopping events. Supreme predicts that crowds won't subside until the end of the week. As for Bape, the shop stays open until 7pm tonight through Saturday, and will run 11am to 6pm Sunday and Monday.
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