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Green Fashion Finds A Home In 'Ecouterre'

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Eco-friendly fashion often gets a bad rap, but then if everything is made to look earthy and show off the sustainability, then it's no wonder why. A new site from the founder of Inhabitat?a green design blog?has branched into fashion with Ecouterre, which aims to highlight green fashion which isn't necessarily made out of old capri sun packages and sewn-together T-shirts.

Although the name "ecouterre" is slightly unfortunate and we're not too sure about stories on necklaces made of solar panels, the site does look promising in terms of their featuring green fashion during London Fashion Week, and the "ask a designer" series, which recently responded to the question: "Why is Eco-Fashion so expensive?"

Let's just hope that it's possibly a step towards helping sustainable fashion shed its DIY and hippie reputation, instead of a space for highlighting unavailable concepts that will never be worn, like whatever these are.
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