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On Target: We See Lots Of Anna Sui

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Did you miss out on the few days that Target held a Crosby Street pop-up shop/house party for their Anna Sui collaboration and are you too iffy about the sizing to order a slew of it online? Then you're in luck if you're willing to hop the PATH train one stop into Jersey, since the Jersey City Target Greatland has a seriously bountiful selection.

We swung by yesterday evening, before the after-work rush of families buying frozen dinners, to find racks packed solid of the collaboration, and the good stuff too! The only items missing, as far as we could tell, were the leather moto jacket and the torn/ripped-looking top and tights. There was also only one of Blair's lace dresses left, but most of the Vanessa and Serena looks were still up for grabs.

Judging from the stock, we can easily tell what were the hot pieces and which ones are fizzling. The lace dress obviously, but also this 100% silk one, which we actually coveted once we had it in hand. Back at the Crosby Street event, we had left with the Serena cage dress and the Serena silk jumper, but somehow we were re-attracted the pieces. Perhaps because there's so many to choose from with this collab?

Surpsingly not popular was this Serena dress, and this Vanessa look. Also sitting very much in-stock were the super-slim-fitting vest and capris for Serena as well. Truck in some high schoolers shopping sans parents however, and they'll be gone in an instant.

For easy reference, has divided up the entire range of looks based on their Gossip Girl characters, just in case you really despise Jenny.
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