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Storecasting: Shoe Woo Promises "Fun Fun Fun" on Lexington

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Shoe Woo, which opens at the corner of 59th and Lexington on October 1st, sounds like the name of a column Carrie Bradshaw published in 2002, but based on its website, it's actually orchestrated by some sort of mad Willy Wonka of footwear. The phrase "You'll feel like a kid in a candy store" appears multiple times on the boutique's publicity materials, as does the promise that when you walk in, you'll be hit with "a fun fun fun rush of happy." The renderings don't do much to contradict this impression: Check out the giant sparkly stiletto emerging from the wall in the picture above. Woo already exists in Washington, DC and Edison, NJ, but this will be the company's first NYC store. Interested in relentless whimsy and the occasional shoe giveaway? You can follow their Twitter right here.

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