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Above the Fray: Get Thee to Phi

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The ladies absent from this morning's expected Phi sample sale line are sorely missing out. The intense sale is offering up to 80% off samples and items from the past four seasons. So, let’s break it down. Samples are mixed into the racks, so it’s worthwhile to meticulously dig through everything. We spotted a few sample leather (or really good pleather, it was hard to tell) black motorcycle jackets with color detail for $100, black sexy tuxedo jackets for $150 and hot rocker zipper vests with studs and chain detail for $100. Regular items are also just as thoughtfully priced. Perfect slouchy t-back tanks, a small amount of denim and other separates are $25-$50 each. There is an outerwear rack on the front left of the sale and beautiful black wool jackets are $399 down from $1995. Dresses start around $299 (for flirty leopard print numbers discounted from $1495) and black pants at $90. Plus, cashmere sweaters, organized by size in boxes on the floor, include tunics for $79 (from $395) and v-necks for $150 (from $750).

Just as hysteria inducing are the shoes located in the back of the room. Size 39 runway samples are on sale for $100. All shoes and boots the boxes are on sale for 80% off and start at size 36. For example – this pair of super hot black and silver detailed platforms (pictured) is available as a sample and $199 (originally $995) for the retail version. Black high heel ankle boots are $139 from $695. Leather belts, organized by size, start at $50. There is also a small collection of bags in the corner – a small quilted bag in pink, black and cream is $718 from $1795 bag.

There are a few strategically placed mirrors in the room, but no fitting areas, so dress strategically to try on clothes (please don’t strip down, it’s not a Barneys sale). To enter the sale, shoppers have to head downstairs behind the cash register desk. Today is the private pre-sale, but no one was checking names as of this morning, so we highly recommend stopping by today. They will not be replenishing any items, so today’s the day!
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