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Discontinued: Fifth Avenue Is No Longer Where Disney Dreams Come True

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Image via Flickr/xxstaceyxx

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While 2009 was shaping up to be the year of flagship debuts on 5th Avenue?think Giorgio Armani, Diesel, Omega and Tommy Hilfiger, with Juicy Couture and Gucci just barely in 2008?there will be the inevitable departures. It's all in the cycle of retail rebirth, and nothing will make a prettier vacant space for prospective luxury tenants than the World of Disney store, which will bid adieu to 5th Avenue just after the holidays this year.

But turn those frowns upside down, Mouseketeers! The Disney Store is looking to relocate to the Times Square area, where it can better compete with the Sanrio-Hello Kitty store and Hershey's for the cash that tourists eagerly hand over for useless doodads.

If Disney leaving Fifth Avenue does anything to ease congestion on the sidewalk?slow-moving, double-wide strollers anyone??then we will happily concede that Disney makes all our dreams come true.
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