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Above the Fray: Steven Dann Keeps 'Em Waiting

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Steven Dann's designer shoe sale is not, we repeat not, open right now at 220 Lafayette Street. A shipment delay kept things from getting started on time at 11am this morning, and, as a commenter put it, "they had not even gotten there with merchandise to setup for the sale by the time I walked away at 12:30pm."

However! This story has a happy ending. The sale will re-open at 6pm. Anyone who was stuck waiting in line this afternoon received coupons promising an additional 20% off, and from the intel we're hearing, it sounds like some people got a chance to do some early shopping.

Quoth a commenter:

They let us in to see what was unpacking and it was great stuff. It was all Zanotti, Givenchy, Tory Burch for 50% off and more. They even had new Fall pieces on sale. A lot of Tory Burch for $99 and there were fur coats and agendas on sale. I will def go back later on. As I was walking out i saw the Zanotti tuxedo shoes from last season and some Casadei wedges. I've never seen a huge sale like this for accessories."
Another reports buying a Valentino bag for $600, and a tipster writes in to confirm that Zanotti and Valentino are both definitely in attendance.
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