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RackedWire: Hermès Sale Quiets Down; Ricky's FiDi Goes for the Gold Street

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Shoes at the Hermès sale
Shoes at the Hermès sale

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CHELSEA—We sent a capable informant over to Metropolitan Pavilion to check on Day Two of the Hermès sale. The verdict: It's more calm, but the line to pay is still painful. Bigger items are mostly cleaned out, as are fragrances, so what's left are mostly ties and scarves and "like four bracelets." Our operative also reported two women studying a leather vest until once finally said "It's nice, but I feel like for $1200 I should at least get SLEEVES." [RackedWire; Previously]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—The part of town that makes us think of discount blue nail polish the very least is about to get its own Ricky's. According to a tipster, the beauty supply chain has leased a huge space at 90 John Street, which runs the block of Gold between John and Pratt. The windows are covered in ads, and it looks like they'll be open for the Halloween season, giving time-strapped finance types a chance to buy novelty wigs in between number-crunching. [RackedWire]


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