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Lineblogging: Hermès Sale Seems Almost Manageable

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We're still traumatized by the time we waited for three hours to get into the semi-annual Hermès sale at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. Today's sale is shaping up to be less crazy: It was barely advertised anywhere, and the space started letting people in an hour before the official start time of 10am. Still, is it worth your time to head over? We've got a correspondent on the scene to find out.

9:47am: I'm here! Apparently the sale opened at 9am. There's a (relatively) small line now&38212;not even halfway down 18th Street.

9:50am: It's moving, too! Very eclectic crowd in line.

9:52am: Spotted two babies in line, but they're in Bjorns. The mom shoppers will be much more nimble than the stroller moms at the Choo sale last month.

9:55am: Security is saying that they're letting in ten people at a time, but right now it's completely full.

9:56am: The lady behind me read about the sale this morning in the Times and is stopping in on her way to work. I'm shocked at how not long this line is.

10:01am: Smart! Two ladies just cut the line to meet their friend who was holding them a place. The friend left, and the two cutters took her place. That's seriously a good friend.

10:05am: Another baby spotted! This one in a stoller. Sample sales should really start offering daycare.

10:13am: I haven't seen anyone leave in a while. The line is at a standstill.

10:16am: I have to say these are the best looking and best dressed security guys I've seen so far. Their suits look tailored!

10:21am: One doorman is working the crowd of ladies and he estimates that I have about 30-45 minutes of wait time. The capacity is about 180 and no one is leaving. What's up there? Better be good!

10:25am: Ooh, I was almost just busted by a security guard for stepping out of line and then reclaiming my spot. Luckily I spoke to him earlier, so he remembered me after a second. These guys are not messing around.

10:31am: Finally saw two ladies exist. They were each carrying one medium-sized shopping bag, and one also had a baby in a sling. That's five babies spotted so far.

10:32am: One gentleman spotted carrying three big shopping bags. No baby.

10:41am: Only six people in front of me. One woman in big sunglasses is trying to sweet-talk the doorman. No luck, lady! This isn't 1Oak.

10:48am: I'm in! Everyone was so excited to be inside that no one pushed fourth floor in the elevator. We had to walk back down. There's a bag check, btw, so pack light.