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Above the Fray: Manageable Mayhem at Hermès

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The Hermès sale today flew in largely under the radar, but Racked was there to cover the action. Upon entering the sale and leaving bag check, shoppers are welcomed by the requisite leather saddles ($2,440 for kicks). First head to the scarves section, which was by far the most popular area. Patterned and colorful signature scarves are $225 each, discounted from $375 (maximum of 10 scarves per person – they’re on to you ebay-ers). The bag section was the next most popular with discounts of 60% off leather handbags and 70% off the canvas and leather handbags. Example pricing—$2,260 for a Paris Bombay MM bag, down from $5,650, and a canvas and leather bag (mainly canvas) was $517.

The belts table was also packed, despite the high prices. Most leather belts hovered around the $400 range and a cream croc belt was on sale for a relative bargain of $885 from $1,475. Fragrance sets make great gifts for around the $22 range. Despite the capacity crowd inside, the clothing and shoe sections (for men and women) were largely ignored. According to a sales associate, the ready to wear clothing (separates, suits and leather jackets) are discounted up to 60%. Both sections are organized by size, for convenience. Also ignored was the tabletop section ($150 for a gold plated glass, for example).

The sale was rife with well-dressed and very strict security. But these staffers keep help make the sale an orderly and pleasant shopping experience. So pleasant, in fact, that most shoppers really didn't want to leave.
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