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Fashion Week Comes to Detroit, Fictional Vampire–Infested Washington State

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The Cut is all over the topic of Things That Should and Shouldn't Be Called Fashion Week today. One the one hand, there's Detroit Fashion Week, which just ended this past weekend. Besides being home to the creator of Aretha Franklin's world-conquering inauguration hat, Detroit contains a population of design-sensitive auto engineers and a stock of incredibly cheap housing. Plus, of course, it could really use a boost right about now. Verdict: Acceptable Fashion Week!

But then there's Twilight. Not content with spawning a veritable undead army of vampire-inspired merchandise, the teen phenomenon has sunk its teeth (ugh, sorry, vampires just inspire the worst in us) into the Fashion Week concept, although they seem a little fuzzy on the details. Instead of runway shows, Twilight Fashion Week consists of an MTV-sponsored influx of Twilight merch to Nordstroms across the country. Verdict: A flagrant abuse of the term. Sorry, Twi-hards.
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